What are QR codes?

QR codes… hmm… I’ve never heard of these.

Oh wait, the black and white square, pixeled picture you take with your smartphone that sends you to a link?

Those are on posters around campus everywhere.

They’re really changing the way people get information. It seems sort almost robotic to me- very future-esque. But that was my reaction a few years ago when they first made their appearance. Now, I think it is something many people pass over. According to Wikipedia, it was made in 1994!

Am I a QR code or the scanner? Probably the code, because I don’t scan them myself. I tried once, and it didn’t work. I get information in different ways, and I don’t know of anyone who takes advantage of them a lot.


3 Photographers I like

1.) I really like this photographer, Chelsey Croucher. She is a friend of a friend who moved out to California to make it big. She does a lot of portraits, and I love the way she captures people. Of the stuff I’ve looked at on Facebook, I really enjoy her work.


2.) These are the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. My friend, Brittany, e-mailed me this link our freshman year of college. The company is run by Jen and Jason Huang who employ the artists. I can’t pick just one, because EVERY photographer in this company take the most beautiful pictures. These are my favorite wedding photos, and I hope that if I ever get married, I can have pictures as beautiful as these.


3.) I really enjoy “1 in 8 million” from New York Times. The photographer is Todd Heisler. I learned about this nook of New York Times my freshman year of college in my Intro to Photojournalism class. I love escaping as I scroll through the stories that Heisler shows so well.


The American Dream

This is Sekou Diarra’s video for my Journalism Multimedia 261 class. In the beginning, he is speaking a combination of French and Bamako- the native language of Mali, Africa. Sekou came to America 3 years ago knowing only a little English pursuing of a career in film. He was born in Mali and also lived in Paris, France. He has many aspirations once he graduates from WKU in one year.

The American Dream

For my Multimedia class, one project is called “The American Dream.”

For my story, I chose Sekou Diarra. He came to America only three years ago from Mali, Africa. He knew only a little english and has since become fluent and made a life for himself in Kentucky.

He is a student at Western Kentucky University and is majoring in film with a minor in graphic design. Sekou has many goals for life, and he is pursuing them though the arts.

One dream of Sekou’s is opening his own business after he graduates in a year. Once that ball gets rolling, Sekou wants to meet the woman of his dreams and travel the world together.

I chose Sekou because he is working hard to achieve his personal “American Dream.” He came to America to pursue this, and has overcome the difficulties of being separated from family while learning a new language and way of life.

Musician Audio Project

Rivera’s Guitar